Wedding Costs 2019 – Plan a Destination Wedding

According to a recent report by Value Penguin, the average wedding costs $29,858; depending on where you live the cost of your wedding can vary significantly. Twenty five percent of marriages are destination weddings and the average budget for a destination wedding is $28,000.

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In the northeast region of the country, in New York for example, wedding costs range from $45,000 to $88,000. The most reasonable wedding location is Mississippi at $12,769. The largest at home wedding expense, your reception venue. There are ways to help reduce wedding costs by being flexible, willing to compromise and selecting more affordable options.

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Destination weddings have gained in popularity because they are more intimate with less guests and many couples view it as a way to see new places. A destination wedding does not have be on a beach or island, it could also be in another state where you don’t live as a way to help reduce the cost. If you are considering a destination wedding, the earlier that you start the planning process you will have more options and better prices available.

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