Why do you need travel insurance?

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You have put a lot of thought and planning into your next exciting getaway. You might be asking “why do I need travel insurance?”

need travel insurance

Travel insurance protects you in the event if something goes wrong. A travel policy will provide you with medical assistance; most medical policies you have at home do not cover you when you travel outside of the U.S., and that includes Medicare.

If a medical emergency arises, travel protection can provide medical evacuation services.  If a hurricane causes a flight cancellation, you may be reimbursed for covered costs under the trip cancellation benefit.

Lost baggage, trip interruption, and many other situations can arise when you travel. Travel insurance will cover the unexpected risks related to traveling.

Before you buy any travel policy, we recommend reading the fine print so you know exactly what is covered.

Find out what travel protection is, what it covers, and what is not included.

Your travel advisor will provide you with options available to cover your trip investment.