Must Have Travel Items

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What do seasoned travelers bring with them on every trip? Comfy shoes, packing cubes, electronic adapters, and the list goes on. To find out what our top 3 ‘must have’ travel items are, read below.

packing tips to make travel easier, must have travel items

A travel scarf. You may have seen this on t.v. It is stylish & practical, and has hidden pockets that can hold money, your passport, credit cards, cell phone or a wallet. Available onĀ Amazon


must have items to pack when you travelElectronics Organizer. Load up your chargers, cords & gadgets all held in place with elastic bands. Available on Amazon for $10.99

must have items to pack

Foldable Backpack. It can be rolled up and packed in your luggage for you to use on a hike, while you are exploring, and more. We use the Gonex waterproof lightweight backpack available on Amazon for $13.98