Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon planning tips

honeymoon planning tips

Planning a honeymoon can be confusing with all of the options available. Are you finding it difficult to put together a travel package that is the right fit? Trying to piece together a package? Waiting on hold to speak to someone so you can ask questions? There is a much easier way to plan your honeymoon. Here are our top 3 honeymoon planning tips for you.

Plan ahead. The best time frame to start the planning process is 5-6 months before your honeymoon travel dates. Planning ahead will make sure that your romance travel specialist or honeymoon planner will be able to help you select the best destination and resort for you, and will get you the best price possible.

Set a realistic budget. Dreaming of an all inclusive 4 star resort in the Caribbean with an ocean view room on the beach? You can not book a honeymoon package like this for $2,000. The average daily cost of a honeymoon at an all inclusive resort is $300 – $450 per person (price varies based on time of year, property amenities offered, and accommodations selected). This price does not include airfare, and the further you have to travel to your honeymoon destination the higher the airfare cost will be. You can get significant cost savings when booking a honeymoon package the includes your accommodations and airfare together; your honeymoon travel specialist will work with you to get the best price possible.

Be flexible. There are ways you can save and plan the honeymoon you have always dreamed about. It requires you to be flexible, and to be willing to give up some of your ‘must haves’. Make a list of the things that you want included in your honeymoon package (ocean front room, private plunge pool, candlelight dinner on the beach, 7 night stay, special activities, etc.), then consider which of those you would be willing to give up to book your honeymoon. Your honeymoon travel specialist will provide you with the best options and make recommendations to help you.

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