Cancun & Riviera Maya Travel

Cancun & Riviera Maya travel reopened on June 8, 2020. The government has implemented strict safety protocols that must be followed. Businesses had to apply for a safety certificate to show that their protocols are in place to reopen to tourism. The Mexican government is using a stop light system for reopening. The stop light system used is red, orange, yellow then green.

Cancun is currently at a level orange, and may get permission next week to go to yellow as the number of cases is declining. Yellow means that hotels will be able to increase occupancy to 60%; currently it is at 30%. Safety protocols are in place throughout the airport and all hotels. Travelers will have to wear masks at the airport and in transportation vehicles. At the airport, arriving guests have their temperature taken using a thermal scanner from a distance. For a complete rundown of the experience upon arriving in Cancun and what is being done, check out this video.

Cancun has already received nearly 70,000 tourists in less than a month since reopening, as reported in the Mexicanist. That is great news for the return of tourism.

Mexico is one of the destinations that does not require travelers to present proof of a negative COVID test. Many islands such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico and St. Lucia are currently requiring proof of a negative test to be provided within a specific time frame. The decision to travel is one that many are struggling with, but the news from Cancun is promising.

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