Best Time To Take A Honeymoon

One question we are asked numerous times, “when is the best time to take a honeymoon?” There is no simple answer to this question and there are 3 big factors to consider. Time of the year you will be getting married, the amount that you have available to spend, and the destination.

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Time Of The Year

If you wedding will take place from June through November, it may be wise to delay your honeymoon as that is hurricane season. Historically, most hurricanes occur from August through October, but no one can predict the weather.

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Honeymoon Budget

The amount you have available to spend will be the biggest factor to consider. If you have your heart set on a destination such as Tahiti, but only have $3,000 to spend, it is not a realistic expectation. If you want to travel during “prime” season (November through March) to destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico; expect to pay more. Many couples choose to delay their honeymoon so they can save to take their dream trip.

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The Destination

Not all destinations are the same. Each location and climate varies during certain times of the year. Have your heart set on honeymooning in Costa Rica in October? This gem of the Caribbean receives most of its rainfall from September through October. Working with a honeymoon destination travel specialist will help you plan the best trip possible. They know the destinations and will provide you with expert recommendations.

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